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also take out a loan for vacation. Get a loan for the trip? No, you do not collect money for your vacation, it is far too expensive. But should you take out a loan for your well-deserved vacation? Translation for “we already borrow” in French.

Put up with the trip – saving first isn’t cheaper.

Put up with the trip - saving first isn

Get a loan for the trip? No, you do not collect cash for your holiday, it is far too expensive. Tours are included at a convenient time. Many savers provide the necessary liquidity reserve for bookings at a “bargain price” with their personal travel credit. Our small credit guide for price-sensitive holiday guests explains how you can pay for your trip correctly and save costs.

Nevertheless, people in Germany are people who like to travel. In every beautiful place on earth, as a holiday guest far away from home, you inevitably meet other Germany. Sooner or later, when it comes to exchanging information, it is always about the journey. Holiday guests who made themselves comfortable when booking a trip and only booked a range of services corresponding to the savings, pay additional.

If you would like to take a loan for the trip while surfing the holiday catalogs and the net, of course nobody. Beautiful distant destinations, such as a trip to the Asian cultural areas, are not cheap to reach. The plane to the dream destinations in Asia alone cost a good $ 1,000 per person. Countless for relatives with children.

Of course, only if the return flights are not only $ 350 instead of $ 1,000 per day. Instead of $ 4000 for a host family with 2 children, the plane only cost $ 1,400 – double luggage included. Of course, only the $ 1,400 must be available to fulfill the takeover offer.

At the beginning of the year (January 2016, the takeover offer should be booked), the cash registers in all host families are inactive. It is a commercial waste of money not to take out a loan for the trip in such cases. The loan saved would amount to exactly $ 15 without external financing. Proof: With a credit of $ 400 with a credit term of 12 months, an effective interest rate of $ 15 is charged in the ongoing credit comparison.

If savings were made, the offer would of course not be in stock for a long time. If the same trip is to be carried out at the normal fare, it is now $ 2,600 more. With the 1,400 USD available after the economy phase, the main season does not go far. The North Sea for another whole time. – If you travel yourself, because being on vacation with Deutsche Bahn is not an economy program for yourself.

It is also worthwhile for host families with school children to keep their ears open. – If necessary, take out a loan for the trip. As with scheduled flights, package tour operators also pay very careful attention to how the booking is made. The organizers expect stable orders at normal prices and special offers with slight price advantages.

For the organizer, however, the booking rate returns to the target level. People who have to look after their capital ask themselves again whether they will take out loans for their trip or save first. Almost always, when it comes to the right special offers, the travel credit is the savings program for the winter. If you still believe in your great-grandmother’s idea of ​​saving and then going on vacation, you can spend more.

Loan comparison using pocket calculator

Loan comparison using pocket calculator

Or he can get a real cost overview of a loan comparison using a pocket calculator. Then he decides on the special offer on credit. We do not want to give the impression that it always makes sense to take out a loan for your individual travel needs. Holidays are a luxury. Everyone must be able to spend vacation and finance vacation.

The recognition for the trip to demonize or not recognize the saving possibilities would also be wrong. It is important that the monthly installments are affordable, even though the financing period does not exceed 12 months (until the next vacation). I wish you a pleasant stay.

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